picture of celebrity couple

picture of celebrity couple

Alexandra is an American fine art photographer. She is the wife of two-time Academy Award-winning actress Jodie Foster – best known for her role as Clarice Starling in The Silence of Lambs.

Hedison belongs to the LGBT community. She has advocated for people to open up about their sexuality. It was 2001 when Hedison started dating the famous TV Star, Ellen DeGeneres. The couple began appearing publicly. Hedison’s love for DeGeneres started before their first formal meeting.

Alexandra said that she appeared in many parties where DeGeneres appeared, The New York Times reported. However, the couple engaged in romance until 2004. Ellen DeGeneres confessed that they were officially splitting because the relationship did not work out.

Alexandra’s partner, Jodie, had a relationship with Hollywood producer Cydney Bernard. However, they broke up in 2008. In 2013, Alexandra and Jodie began dating. Pictures were circulated in different magazines, but the couple had not spoken about how and when they met each other.

In 2014, Alexandra Hedison and Jodie Foster married secretly. They were spotted together at a party. Since 2014, the couple has been residing in California.

Last year, when Jodie won the Golden Globe Best Supporting Actress award for The Mauritanian, she thanked her wife Alexandra Hedison for everything and kissed her publicly.

Who is Alexandra Hedison?

Alexandra Hedison began her career as an actress in the comedy-drama movie Sleep with Me. Although she played different roles in numerous films, she did not show much interest in acting. On the contrary, Hedison started doing fine art photography – which later turned into her passion.

She has also worked as a director in the Hollywood industry. Her first film was In the Dog House – an animated movie released in 2005. Furthermore, she accomplished the direction of a live-action documentary, The Making of Suit Yourself, in 2006.

Renowned for her portrayal of mixing individuals with the landscape, Hedison’s camerawork has been featured in eight solo exhibitions from 2006-present. Also, her pictures were highlighted in five group exhibitions all over the world.

Alexandra’s Early Life and Education

Alexandra Hedison was born in Los Angeles, California, United States, on July 10, 1969. Her father, David Hedison, was a famous American film, television, and stage actor; however, her mother, Bridget Mori, is unknown to the world. Hedison grew up with her sister, Serena Rose Hedison, in Purchase, Westchester County, New York.

After completing her studies at the State University of New York in 1989, she moved to Los Angele to pursue her dreams. Further, Hedison graduated from the University of California (UCLA) in 1992. After two years, she played the role of brunette in Sleep with Me.


Hedison worked as an actor for fifteen years. She did not get any significant roles in movies, yet she acted in Tomorrow Never Dies – a James Bond movie – as a news reporter. In addition, Hedison performed a minor part of the party guest in The Rich Man’s Wife.

She performed as Dylan Moreland in The L Word, a 2006 television drama featuring lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people. Except for these films, Alexandra has not accomplished a successful career in movies. After 2009, she has concluded her acting.


Alexandra emphasized working as a photographer from 2002. Her first project was displayed as Summer Exhibition in Rose Gallery, Santa Monica. After this, she gained acknowledgment as a professional photographer. Her themes included loss, conversion, and repossession. Mainly, she focuses on mixing human life with nature.

Hedison’s series of photography called Ithaka later got The New Yorker’s Passport to the Arts. Similarly, after series of successful exhibitions, Alexandra Hedison got prestigious accolades such as Barclays Capital Sponsorship, 2008, Myriam Blundell Projects: William Art Foundation Residence Programme, 2011.