a picture of pop star

a picture of pop star

Whenever we talk about the history, present, and future of rap music, this Detroit based white rapper Eminem will always inspire millions about the world who always dream day and night to become a world class rapper.  He sometimes is called an original ‘Rap God’.

Born as Marshall Brue Mathers III, Eminem has gone through a very tough time since childhood. He was born to a teenage mom and a drunkard father who left him when he was a mere six months old and never returned. 

Growing Up

In an interview he said he never interested in studies all he wanted to do was rap. After failing in school, he dropped out and starts participating in a freestyle rapping.

His relationship with mother were always in the news, he even accused his mother on one of his songs. He said that his mother never had a job, but his mother denied and later go on to sue Eminem.

He never had a happy childhood; other kids constantly bullied him. He starts rapping from the early age of four. Rap music and hip hop was mostly dominant by black artists at that time, so it was very difficult for him to gain the attention of a mass audience. At first, he and a rapper named Proof formed a group called D12, but this didn’t work longer and broke.

When his first child was born, he starts working hard to feed his family. He then wrote down his troubled life experiences into rap lyrics. The Gangsta rap group like N.W.A. inspired him to develop his style and personality. He once said, “An angry teenager, nothing can change me back, and Gangsta rap made me act like a maniac.”

His first album “Infinite” went unnoticed. After that he introduced Slim Shady record. Here he reborn himself and expressed his inner feelings in songs. He once committed suicide too, but later regret. After his wife left him, he went into a depression that led him to write all into his music. After his release and success of ‘The Slim Shady EP’, people start calling him the next “great white hope”.

  • He wanted to become a comic book artist.
  • He used the word “Nigga” only once in his songs.
  • Eminem was offered a lead role in the movies Elysium and Fighter.
  • Do you know it took only 30 seconds for him to write the hook for “Just Lose It“?
  • His song from the movie 8 Mile “Lose Yourself” became the first rap song to win an Oscar.
  • He was criticized by the gay community for his homophobic lyrics.
  • He has his own radio station, Shade 45.
  • His favorite movie is Scarface.
  • Dr. Dre, who discovered Eminem didn’t know Eminem was white guy.
  • You have to compete with Eminem, if you want to work with his company Shady Records.
  • He discovered rapper 50Cent.